Coaching: Support for your transition

I specialize in dealing authentically and gracefully with life’s challenging transitions because I believe that change is a powerful catalyst for personal growth.

clarity, skills & tools

I will support you to get clear about your highest priorities so you can make the best, most clear-headed decisions possible. Learn tools to take care of yourself and your family during the transition. Start preparing for a successful next chapter, for everyone, and part on the best possible terms.

Learn and practice skills and tools to keep you clear and calm so you can make the best decisions.

  • Get clear about your real interests, short term goals and long term goals, and your top priorities

  • Gain tools:

o To deal with change and make the most of it

o To incorporate crucial self-care practices

o To deal with sadness and overwhelm

o To transition from “we” to “I”

  • Identify key communication dynamics that could hinder a peaceful/respectful resolution and learn ways to improve them

Our Sessions

Our sessions may draw on a number of different coaching styles, tools and resources, including working with spiritual ideals, goal setting, and the concepts of acceptance, forgiveness, community, connection, and self-love. We may also work with meditation, visualization, ritual/habits, journaling, and a whole host of exercises and tools.

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