Step One: Breathe.

This, too, shall pass. And it doesn't have to be as horrible as you've heard. In fact, it is possible to turn the divorce process into a healing, positive transformation for you and your family.

Step Two: Read.

The links to the left contain a lot of information about the spectrum of non-adversarial resolution processes that allow divorcing couples to consciously navigate both the emotional and legal aspects of divorce in a mindful and positive way, without resort to harmful litigation.

(And if you feel the need for help with the personal or spiritual aspects of this life transition, read this.)

Don't worry about figuring it all out now. Take another deep breath. There's plenty of time and everything is eventually figure-out-able. Just take a little time to feel out which options appeal to you, and then move on to...

Step Three: Reach Out.

Schedule an appointment with Diana to discuss your choices, decisions, and where to go from here. Either send a message using the form below, call us at 503-893-9492, or Schedule Online.