Collaborative Law, Mediation and Self-Guided Divorces can help the majority of divorcing couples.

There are situations where a cooperative approach will not be successful. If you or your spouse are intent on getting revenge, making the other pay, or using your children as weapons against each other, a cooperative approach is unlikely to be successful.

However, cooperative methods CAN be successful even in high-conflict cases if you and your spouse have the right intentions. 

A cooperative approach may be right for you if some or all of the following are true or possible:

  • You have accepted the divorce is going to happen
  • You are willing to work together to achieve the best possible outcome
  • You are willing to try to see things from your spouse's point of view in order to cooperate to reach a resolution
  • You believe you and your spouse have, or are able to rebuild, enough trust in each other to achieve a successful resolution
  • It is important to you to maintain a respectful relationship with your spouse after the divorce, especially where children are concerned
  • You and your spouse are both willing and able to honor any agreements you make during your divorce

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