Work through all aspects of your divorce--not just the legal requirements-- with your family’s highest good in mind. 

Address all the legal and practical aspects of transitioning your family, but with an additional focus on the key factors that actually drive divorce decision-making, and post-divorce success: emotions and communication.

get clear about your highest priorities

Make the best, most clear-headed decisions possible. Learn tools to take care of yourself and your family during the transition. Start preparing for a successful next chapter, for everyone, and part on the best possible terms.

Holistic Mediation is specially-designed by Diana and is an offering unique to Portland Cooperative Divorce.

Holistic Mediation Includes:

orientation meeting

A one-hour meeting with Diana to gather necessary information, outline a plan for coaching and mediation, and develop an estimated timeline. During this orientation, you will receive specially-prepared materials that will include coaching exercises, document examples, worksheets, tools, resources, and instructions for gathering necessary financial documents

6 Pre-mediation transition coaching sessions

Each spouse will attend three 60-minute coaching sessions with Diana prior to mediation. During these sessions, you will gain clarity about your deep interests, short term and long term goals, and your top priorities. You will also gain and practice skills and tools to keep you clear-headed and calm so you can make the best decisions. These might include ways to deal with change and make the most of it, to incorporate crucial self-care, to deal with sadness and overwhelm, to constructively transition from "we" to "I", and to identify any key communication dynamics that might affect reaching a peaceful and respectful resolution.

3 mediation sessions

Diana will facilitate three 3-hour mediation sessions with both parties. The first session will focus on identifying shared goals for the transition, shared goals for the future of the family, and creating a plan for resolving the practical and legal questions at issue. The second session will focus on resolving and memorializing any obvious points of agreement, identifying sticky issues, brainstorming potential resolutions, and identifying where more information is needed (such as from a financial professional or child specialist). The third session will focus on reviewing obtained information, reviewing proposals for resolution, resolving any remaining issues, and memorializing final agreements.

legal document drafting

Once the parties have reached final agreements, Diana will draft all the legal papers necessary to file the divorce with the appropriate court.

signing ceremony & memorialization


After the final documents are reviewed and approved, there will be a mindful, respectful signing ceremony where the parties are able to mark the end of their divorce with respect and finality.

In addition to a copy of the final documents to be filed with the court, you will also receive a document specially prepared for your transition, which summarizing the mutual goals and intentions set for the family's future, as well as appropriate communication guidelines or agreements, and tools for keeping the relationship operating as smoothly as possible into the future.

document monitoring

After the divorce is filed with the court, Diana will monitor its progress through the court system and let you know when it is finalized.

2 post-divorce transition coaching sessions

About a month after the divorce is finalized by the court, each spouse will have the option of attending another 60-minute coaching session with Diana to check in on the transition process, identify any areas where support is needed, and gain additional personalized tools to see the transition through to a successful resolution.

Ready to get started on your holistic resolution?